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The Pissed Take - Werewolf By Night

Release Date 07Oct2022

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT -or- Werewolf, alright! (Cough) *AKA* Good mouthwash for Hellraiser.

#WerewolfByNight was a welcome experience after that wet mustard-fart Hellraiser. I enjoyed it very much, though it could have benefitted from the runtime of the Universal horror movies that inspired it (52 minutes as opposed to the avg. 1hr 15 mins for the classics).

Werewolf by Night is the latest Marvel adaption, itself the first of planned "TV Specials". The title comes from a five page short story published by Marvel predecessor ATLAS COMICS in 1953, but the protagonist JACK RUSSELL (Played by Gael Bernal) wouldn't be introduced until 1972 in Marvel spotlight #2, getting his own series later that year.

The setup is simple - monster hunters gather after the death of their leader to compete for a relic called the bloodstone.

The show is presented in black and white, evoking the classic Universal horror series of monster movies produced between the 1930s to 1950s. It does a pretty good job of not really breaking the illusion throughout the show.


The presentation of this as a classic horror film is very good, and if you're already a fan you'll get a kick out of the little details thrown in. This is also the 3rd directoral effort of film, television, and video game director MICHAEL GIACCHINO who shows a sure hand here and an understanding of the material. This show is also violent in a way that is new for DIS/Marvel, but not excessively so.


It's short, and at only 52 mins leaves you wanting more. I could have used more of the creepy suspense and less of the usual Marvel shite, but thankfully it isn't overpowering. Also, there is only one, though as it appears to be a test for other darker themed material, maybe we'll get more.


If you're a Universal monsters fan, and are still hanging tough with this MCU shiiiiiiiiiiiit.


If you're busy getting your nostril-beard braided.

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