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The Pissed Take - The Menu

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Release Date 18Nov2022

THE MENU -or- BURNT TOAST: THE DARK SIDE OF FOOD *AKA* A wickedly funny, and pointed horror take on fine dining.

I LOVED this movie!

THE MENU, written by SETH REISS and WILL TRACY, produced by ADAM MCKAY, and directed by MARK MYLOD, is a dark comedy / Horror take on those "strangers invited to a secluded location by a mysterious host" movies, though with an emphasis on the Haute cuisine scene, itself a world apart (and full of shit) from the rest of the industry.

JULIAN SLOWIK, a reclusive chef in a class of his own, invites an assortment of foodies, critics, stars, influencers etc to his island restaurant and food lab to try his newest multi-course concept. Though, through an increasingly surreal series of degustations (careful tasting of foods made with the highest culinary art), the guests sense something dreadful is amiss.

This movie was REALLY enjoyable! The movie is made with the same craft that the world famous chefs, cooks, and food designers who worked on this movie (or consulted on it) produced for the plates shown on screen. It's an often sharply hilarious condemnation of fine dining, and just as shocking without resorting to the gore strewn *fucketry* that often pads run-times.


This movie had me from beginning to end, not a common feat. Every character - every performer, was switched on throughout the entire run. HATS OFF to ANYA TAYLOR-JOY and RALPH FIENNES for knocking it completely out of the park and playing well against each other. The efforts of all involved - FUCK. They fuck hard. Huzzah and excelsior.




Because you love movies - especially if done as a double bill with GLASS ONION. Seriously, this is a good move.


If you're busy running a rubber potato sweatshop in some random 3rd world shit-pit. Those kids won't beat themselves!

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