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The Pissed Take - Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Release Date 17Feb2023

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA -or- BUG-BOY'S TINYTOWN ADVENTURE *AKA* A boring 2hr5m commercial for other movies.

This is not a good movie.

This movie, the third in the ANT-MAN movie series - and 31st MCU movie, is thinly plotted bore that wipes its flabby, pockmarked arse with the charm and wit that made the previous films a breezy fun watch. It manages to waste the talent of its cast, spend over 2 hours flinging sparkly f#ck at the screen - yet saying nothing, being the wrong movie to introduce the MCUs big bad (who we won't see again for nearly 2 years), and spend 200 mil just to look like Robert Rodriguez threw an extra $20 into a Spy kids flick.

This is ultimately a management issue. FEIGE and MARVEL have gotten comfortable, cocky, and lazy - and it shows in their post Infinity saga output. Crapping out meandering, expensive dross like the day after a White Castles, Milwaukee's best and Canadian Club bender.


JONATHAN MAJORS. Magnetic in every scene he's in, Major's KANG THE CONQUEROR is the best part of this movie - making a joke out of every other performance in the feature. That's it…


Pretty much everything else. A connect-the-dots screenplay, often cheap looking VFX, sleepwalking actors, tonally confused, jokes that often land like a wet flapjack, and chopped like the editor had Kuru. The goofy, standalone charm of the previous entries is bulldozed away by turning this into a bullshit advert for the MCU's future.


NO! This turkey is burnt, buy a cheeseburger and watch THE MENU if you haven’t seen it.


Good call. Boiling your shoes is a better use of your time.

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