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The Pissed Take - Thor: Love and Thunder

Release Date 08Jul2022

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER -or- GORR: DESERVED A BETTER MOVIE *AKA* Taika's tepid tumescent tale.

I was really looking forward to this movie. During a break during pitching at the 2017 American Film Market, we went to see - and were pleasantly surprised by - THOR: RAGNAROK. Taika, in my opinion, reinvigorated the tired sameness of the Marvel formula by injecting his patented irreverence and comic prowess into the THOR story line - a much needed left turn. I expected to be just as pleased, but... well, it was OK.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the 29th MCU film, the 4th of the Thor films, and the second MCU movie directed by New Zealand writer, director, actor, and producer - TAIKA WAITITI.

After the events of AVENGERS: ENDGAME, Thor (traveling with the guardians of the galaxy crew) has lost his way. However, when gods across the universe start getting offed by GORR and his necrosword, and an old flame reappears, Thor and friends jump into action.

This movie was very funny, but often bounced unevenly between being too clever for its own good or being dumber than Boebert. This has the effect of nearly completely draining any tension, emotional resonance, or stakes from the story. It wants so hard to big up what worked in Ragnarok, but ends up making the "more is better, so bring the napalm" mistake so many sequels fall prey to.

The narrative hubris on display here goes all over the universe, but takes us nowhere.

The biggest victim is CHRISTIAN BALE's GORR THE GOD-BUTCHER. Mr. Bale puts his ankles into a performance that belongs in a more focused, serious movie. Dude is wasted.

I never bought the Jane Foster/ Thor romance, it was flat and basic AF. So, it really doesn't sell for me. Pretty big deal due to it being a big part of this film.

There is a cheapness that is occasionally surprising in this movie, and not just in the story, a floaty intangibility that is often distracting. From the visuals, to the overuse of classic rock that has the opposite impact that "Immigrant song" by Led Zeppelin had in the previous movie.

The performances are fine, everyone seems to be having more fun than what ends up on screen. Bale as Gorr is the standout performance that doesn't get the screen-time it deserves.

The movie is a mess - not bad, but not good.

SEE IT: If you're a completist and have the free time (Though I would wait to stream).

DON'T SEE IT: If you've had it with this Marvel shite, and you're still in the ICU after that "Freedom pasties" accident this past 4th of July.

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