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The Pissed Take - Fallout



Fallout the series is fun.

Fallout is a new 2024 Amazon series based on the Fallout game franchise beginning with 1997's Fallout, created by TIM CAIN at INTERPLAY ENTERTAINMENT, and continuing with 3 further installments as well as 7 spin-offs.

"WAR. War never changes."

As suggested by the show but elaborated on in the games, the setting is the remnants of a technologically advanced, 50s/60s inspired, atompunk society destroyed by a worldwide nuclear exchange. In the games (depending on the game, here the 1st), your journey begins a century after the bombs as a Vault Dweller, a denizen of one of the many specialty nuclear bunkers for those who were chosen (or could pay) to survive the devastation.

Fallout, at least the first two, are role-playing games where you develop your character to best survive the story, as well as reflect your own personal play style. That is until Bethesda bought it and made it Fallout themed Elder Scrolls. The series is famed for it's dark humor, violence, engaging story, and world.

The series is a solid representation of that world and story, with only a few hiccups and one glaring omission.


The world of Fallout is WELL represented here. Tons of care (and money) has been spent to make sure that the unique features of the game are present, and that Easter egg hunters will have plenty to do. The main characters (a nod to the 3 pre-made characters from FO1) are well acted, though the brotherhood guy got on my nerves with the jittery new guy schtick. Really, the guy's direction must have been "You gotta take a pyroclastic chili shart, but you're giving a speech in the middle of Rungrado May Day Stadium. Go!" The standout is WALTER GOGGINS as THE GHOUL. Frankly, the best character in the show, and the most watchable part of every episode. The story, set after the most recent game entry, is fairly engaging with some very nice moments that have me interested in a season 2.


WHERE THE F#CK IS RON PERLMAN.!? The most consistent presence in the games, and something most looked forward to was Ron Perlman's monologue during the opening cinematic. For the investment made, being able to introduce this story to non-gamers properly with RP's narrator is the show's biggest missed opportunity. Why doesn't Lucy (ELLA PURNELL) get out of that vault jumpsuit? One of the first things you did in the game once you were in the wastelands. The music (not the songs, which are great) is forgettable, a missed opportunity by RAMIN DJAWARI to really stand out. A few moments in season 1 were incredibly, jarringly awkward, and the vault 33/32/31 stuff, though interesting, slowed things down a touch.


Yes. While there are moments that don't ring-a-ding, I believe these are just first season wrinkles that need to be ironed out.


If you're out of Stimpaks, but flush with Jet. You're going to be busy.

The poster from the television series, Fallout.
Fallout Poster


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