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The Pissed Take - Nope

Release Date 22Jul2022

NOPE -or- MAYBE... by visionary director Jordan Peele *AKA* A curious, occasionally surprising, oddity.


I didn't hate this movie... nor am I in love with it. It is OK in a largely pleasant way.


Otis and Emerald Haywood struggle to keep their family horse ranch and Hollywood horse wrangling business afloat after the death of their father from a falling object from the sky. To keep ahead they sell horses to their former child star neighbor Jupe. The horses begin to disappear, strange shit goes on over at Jupe's amusement park at night, and something is flying about in the sky.

I have seen this film 4 times in order to get a complete handle on it. It's weird... not really conventional in presentation, odd choices in editing, dialog that's "off", tonal shifts, and strange rhythm.

There has been much said about the messages in this film, in fact, messages that people have come to expect from a Jordan Peele movie. The nature of spectacle - witnessing and the need to be a part of it, consuming us - has been discussed AD NAUSEUM. The need to dig deep in his movies has become part of the show. Therein lies the true genius of a movie that is sometime a little much... but first:


This movie deserves to be seen on a large screen, or at least with a robust sound system. The photography and sound are superb, being used to optimal effect in nearly every frame. The inspired "A" story is suspenseful in a way not associated with a big ticket movie in some time. The references and inspired imagery (I won't give it away), including some clear note-taking from Steven Spielberg's playbook.


A great film score or soundtrack can elevate a movie, a bad one can drown it, and a mediocre one is simply a waste of money. The ending was a little Meh.


The runtime. Those 2hrs and 10 mins seemed a bit longer. The pacing is a little draggy. The screenplay needed a bit of work, people don't often talk like *people*.

Overall, the movie isn't bad, just not great. Though, one tip I'll give you to enhance your viewing is this: If you're into anime at all, you'll get more out of it... because that's basically what it is - a live action anime. As for what I hinted at before, the genius of this film is in how it trolls the audience looking for hidden deeper meanings in this movie. Outside of the bit about spectacle, it's just a creature feature. Jordan Peele knows what you've come to expect from him... and doesn't want to get stuck there. I'm all for it.


Sure, it's a good looking movie with some of the most effective suspenseful imagery and sound in a while.


If you're too busy knitting doilies and binge watching every filmed iteration of "Wuthering Heights".


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