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The Pissed Take - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Release Date 11Nov2022



I am very disappointed in this film.

I didn't think the 1st BP was all that either, but there was a joyfulness that was infectious even during it's budget VFX moments. This one is another deal.

BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER is based on the Marvel comics character and comic series- BLACK PANTHER, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first appearing in Fantastic Four #52 in July 1966.

Wakanda Forever is the second of the MCU Black Panther films, and the first film after the untimely passing of actor CHADWICK BOSEMAN to cancer. The film is shaky on whether it's attempts to eulogize Mr. Boseman and the T'CHALLA character are successful or exploitative. On to the review...


Super-advanced nation Wakanda, still struggling with the death of it's king, is under constant threat of it's chief resource VIBRANIUM being taken by force by outsiders (Colonizers). The late T'Challa's mother, Ramonda is also dealing with the loss of son and husband as she endeavors to show Wakanda's enduring strength as queen. Shuri's sad too... everybody's fucking sad. Then the "Mexican Mermaids" show up (Thanks JaWon Dunn) and whatever set-up, goodwill, craft, or good ideas, goes right into the MF CuisinartⓇ.

Imagine, if you will, chili with no spice, soda (pop) with no bubble, Kanye with no cray, or JLo with no ass. You getting the picture? This movie starts out with... something, and quickly devolves into an insulting, crass display of the Disney/Marvel marketing machine. "Sorry about your guy, but... do you wanna buy some SHIT!?" Exactly like that.

Imagine spending money on a meal, and the kitchen is like "FUCK FLAVOR, BITCH!" This MF right here.

THE GOOD: Lupita N'yong and Angela Bassett do what they can, the costumes are on point, and a couple of interesting notions at the beginning of the movie that gets cast quickly aside for some basic shit. That's it.

THE MEH: The VFX still look like Disney tasked a team fresh from the salt mines to do it after they were beaten with frozen trout. They treat their artist's like shit ya'll it's deplorable.

THE BAD: Everything else! The music is like someone made a soundtrack out of presets and... those mood CDs from WalmartⓇ. The writing is an absolute joke. Really, the plotting, dialogue - all of it so cynically bereft of substance, it almost seems to be on purpose. THE RUNTIME! This did not need to be 2 hours and 41 MF minute long! There is more pleasure to be had from heat-pressing your crotch during a circle spank than sitting through this rot.

SEE IT! I don't know, see it... punk. People seem to be into it, though I think those rose tinted glasses are welded on.

DON'T SEE IT! Because you don't care to see a megacorp exploit the memory of a fine young gentleman actor for bucks... and those prisoners in the basement won't flense themselves!

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