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The Pissed Take - The Tomorrow War

Release Date 02July2021

THE TOMORROW WAR -AKA- Tomorrow is so... yesterday *OR* Tomorrow I won't remember what this one was about.

The Tomorrow War is a throwback to high concept, low intellect movies from the 90s and early aughts.

More a loosely bonded collection of ideas, clearly cribbed from other works, it jumps straight away into its Bruckheimer/Snyderesque frivolity with an initially respectable energy and intrigue...then quickly jumps the shark whilst screwing the pooch in very short order.

It then, for the remainder of it's runtime, proceeds to do nothing with what little it had in the first place, getting progressively sillier and more derivative to the last.

SEE IT: If you're bored.

DON'T: If you have better things to do, like dye your merkin collection

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