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The Pissed Take - Godzilla Vs Kong

Release Date 31May2021

GODZILLA VS KONG -or- God, that was fun, but forgettable... and super dumb -AKA- Absurdum fabula monstri

Everything about this movie is fun, silly, and utterly forgettable... and I liked it.

I like movies that actually deliver on their promise. Far too many blow serious cash on playing cute, trading smart for clever, and servicing the egos of people unaware of their good fortune instead of servicing the story or experience. This one delivers the goods most watching wanted from go: badass monster fights... and YES, something is totally lost by watching this on the small screen.

This flick was made for a cinema hall.

There is no half-assed attempt at making a statement, you can SEE the monsters, no lame drama, and no over emphasis on the forgettable human characters.

Don't get me wrong, this movie is still incredibly silly... but it leans into the sillyness- owns it (after a slow start). Though, it often seems to be in a rush to get through all of the subplots and trust me none of them actually do anything more than get you to next setup.

The visuals are neat (Save for few embarrassingly cheap looking shots and some questionable editing.), the sound design is bombastic, the humans still take up more screentime than needed and the action is energetic.

Didn't care for the JUNKIE XL soundtrack. Seriously, why is this dude a thing now? The music did zero favors for this movie... unremarkable. Not one instance of Akira Ifukube's famous Godzilla theme.

All in all... very dumb, stupid, mostly fun.

SEE IT: If you're already invested in this series and Kaiju movies in general.

DON'T: If the above simply isn't your thing.

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