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The Pissed Take - Dolemite Is My Name

Release Date 25Oct2019

MY NAME IS DOLEMITE -AKA- Best movie of the year, and that's guaranteed! 'Cause Dolemite's the JOKER that you MF'n need!

I LOVED this movie! Eddie Murphy's "comeback role" as Rudy Ray Moore was a genuine and welcome surprise.

The movie is about down and out entertainer Moore's rise from record store assistant manager to famed comedian, blacksploitation icon, culminating in the release of his first movie DOLEMITE.

The pace is brisk and the tone is hilariously consistent without compromising any emotion, nor being hindererd by any undue schmaltz.

Excellent performances from Murphy as Moore, Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Lady Reed kills it, and the rest of the cast plays it to the hilt- ESPECIALLY a scene stealing, all-in performance from Wesley Snipes as actor and DOLEMITE director D'Urville Martin.

A great story with a surprisingly inspiring resolution.


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