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The Pissed Take - Avengers: Endgame

Release Date 26Apr2019

AVENGERS: ENDGAME or The really long goodbye -AKA- I can't wait for King of the Monsters.

NO SPOILERS (I will do one in a week that goes H.A.M.)

This one is short because I've got something else to say after.

Not a bad movie.

I loved that the title song was "Dear Mr. Fantasy", good stuff. The rest, aside from a few temporal issues, was run of the mill Marvel... and that's fine. If you don't know what to expect from these films by now, I don't know what to tell you.

It was a bit too long. There was NOT enough story for the runtime, though the gymnastics employed to get to the finish were clever.

Save for a few emotional jolts at the beginning quarter of movie, I didn't get misty like some who saw this. The expected undermining of emotional beats with humor is muted due to the looming spectre of "The Snap".

Everything else is business as usual with this slightly messy follow up to the excellent "Infinity war".

See it if you love these stories and to complete a story started 21 films ago. Buy the small soda…

P.S. - I occasionally post my opinions or criticisms of movies and/or the rest of pop culture on FB. I do this because I believe that talking about this media that is so prevalent in our lives, that is sold to us, created by us -is a key component of interacting with it, for good or ill.

There are a few who rally against this, looking at criticism (especially of popular works) in toto as a negative. This is a gross oversimplification and dangerously naive.

Not everyone is going to like "the things" and they, in not liking them, should not be censored because someone takes their criticism personally.No one is trying to ruin your fun and if it is ruined because someone says something you don't like about "your things", maybe you shouldn't have the things for a while.

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