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The Pissed Take - Wonder Woman (2017)

Release Date 02Jun2017

WONDER WOMAN (2017) or Ms. Captain America: How I defeated evil with the power of LOVE, ergo BULLSH#T. (Edited)


I will start with this: Wonder Woman is by no means a bad movie. It's got excitement, a brisk pace (a bit more on that later), a solid plot (more later) and is generally fun. It's a good film (OK), not great (doesn't completely suck), not amazing, just good.

Much has been made of the politics behind this film, the trolls, the "SJW" campaigning for the financial success of the film and it's director. I'M not getting into ANY of that, just the film.

This movie, in digging into the comic origins of WONDER WOMAN and having this necessitate being a period film, wisely (IMO) follows the film outline of another wartime comics hero CAPTAIN AMERICA. It gets to the point of setting up the character and then letting her BE the character instead of getting mucked up in trivia (looking at you Batman Begins). The briskness of the film's pacing aids the film in getting you past one of the film's bad points: Gal Gadot *might* be able to out act a cinder block- MAYBE. While her physical performance (sans stunt double Caitlin Dechelle) is pretty damn good, but when it comes to the emotional aspect of her performance, she is lacking.

There are some woefully generic, tropey bits scattered about and, as some have mentioned, the flick veers towards the overly melodramatic if not absurd ("The God killer"!? GTFO!) This is of course due to the 5-6 people who worked on the script, a problem rampant in these movies, and the need for DC to a have a film that didn't blow crackhead circus clowns…

The plot, which includes and thankfully abbreviates her origin, more or less follows the 2011 film Captain America: The first Avenger. This is a very smart move as THAT film established the character and then let the character be the damned character.... has them team up with a ragtag group, fall in love with a foreign agent, fight rogue elements of that time's primary antagonist- who also want to create advanced weapons and deploy them from a giant plane by the movie's end... (Cough)

Speaking of the end, I haven't rolled my eyes that hard in a while (A lie). The power of LOVE!!? F#$k you movie, you were cool until that warm and fuzzy, Lifetime original series, jello pudding-pop, sh#t!

Good (OK) movie though.


P.S.- If you continue to "just turn your brain off", eventually it won't turn back on again…

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