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The Pissed Take - Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date 25Dec2020

WONDER WOMAN 1984 (WW84) *OR* "Wonderless Woman 1984" -AKA- Oh look, WW has her very own "Quest for peace", two movies early!

Wonder Woman 1984, the latest DCEU comic book movie is an overlong, clunky, Kinda boring, disingenuous and sentimental mess. It plays EXACTLY like a superhero movie from the 80s would- often corny, and filled to the brim with cliches.

No spoilers, but the picture is centered around wish fulfillment and being careful about what that is. There are some interesting ideas and neat character opportunities that go absolutely nowhere, and despite some good stuff from Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, while not one-note, their characters never make it much further than a second note. A few nice moments for WW fans and a couple of cute chuckles.

HOWEVER... This is not a good movie. AT ALL.

People who think it is, huff their own farts.


I don't know how they did it, but they somehow managed to make 200 million look like 20 in many parts of this movie.

Gal Gadot is still not compelling.

I like Kristen Wiig more and more, but Cheetah ended up looking like "CATS" pre-viz animation.

Chris Pine should have used the charm I see in characters like Trevor and in other movies on his douchebag Captain Kirk. He got JJ'd…

I need to dig into Pedro Pascal's work a bit more. I like this guy.

I don't need to see anymore WW movies if they keep on like this.

She deserves better!


If your slavish devotion to branding and geek/nerd culture demands it and you eat any shit thrown at you with the requisite label.


If you realize that not supporting things that are lazy, unimaginative, uninspired and badly crafted-- and demanding better, means that the chances that something better crafted existing greatly improves.

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