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The Pissed Take - The Book of Boba Fett (Season 1)

Release Date 29Dec2021


The last episode of BOBF a has finally dropped and splattered like a sloppy loaf from an incontinent elephant.

A disappointment to be sure, but not a surprising one.

The BOBF was from the beginning a rushed, sloppy, expensive, ill-conceived, and ultimately ill-executed endeavor that unwisely tried to go back to the sequel trilogy's mistake of focusing on cheap nostalgia wanks instead of well-thought out storytelling. This backhanded, flying, reverse donkey-punch adds very little new, and when it does, it is of no real consequence to the story.

Poor Boba, from the beginning is made to look like a weak, stupid, doddering old fool. Brief moments of inspiration are neither capitalized or expanded upon. Finally, TWO WHOLE EPISODES are devoted to an entirely different show and character!!! BOBA got his balls shaved off…

NONE of this is the fault of the leads, who certainly deserved far better than they got or the many talented folks who helped craft an at least attractive looking show.

Once again Disney shows that they never understood what they paid for, and that people who should have known better (Filoni & Favreau) may have gotten a bit too cock-sure.

The over-saturation of franchise content ultimately dilutes and diminishes the original works, as we are seeing with SW. Expect this to continue…

SEE IT: If you are so invested in this franchise that you'll pay for STAR WARS branded "Bukkake in a can", and like getting kicked in the crotch with the force of instant superluminal deceleration.

DON'T SEE: If you won't stand for crappy storytelling and crass over exploitation of something you found to be special, and are late for your professional handstand team practice.


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