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The Pissed Take - Terminator: Dark Fate

Release Date 01Nov2019

Terminator: Dark Fate -OR- Can these sequel subtitles get any worse!? -AKA- Gabriel Luna was the best thing about this unnecessary turd-tart.

Caught the much cheaper digital release of this Sixth TERMINATOR movie in the franchise. The 6th film, but chronologically the direct sequel to Terminator 2... and it sucks farts directly from the bog of eternal stench.

There is no reason whatsoever to continue this series.

Some SPOILERS at the beginning





The movie picks up 3 years after T2, with de-aged John and Sarah chilling at a beachside bar in Mexico. At 3 minutes 40 seconds into the movie, John Connor gets shot and killed by an Arnie Terminator. The T800 just walks off.

With this, we jump forward to 2020 Mexico and the entrances of the present/ future pro & antagonists. From this point on the film moves very quickly, too quickly in fact to get a proper handle on who the characters are and why we should give a beer shit.

The whole thing is an excuse to hit the same story beats of the previous films (leaning heavily on 1&2) and crackheadedly spastic, though occasionally impressive, action sequences. The rush to get from set piece to set piece leaves the thin story stretched thinner with nearly no explanation for the "Same, yet different" post apocalyptic future... complete with robotic, endoskeletal soldiers and liquid metal assassins.

Legacy characters are treated like crap and the new ones are so two dimensional they may as well have been cardboard standees. The one standout is GABRIEL LUNA as the REV. 9 Terminator bad guy- he alone gets anything interesting to do with character as his Terminator type can imitate human emotions and reactions. There is a genuinely creepy aspect to his portrayal that unfortunately doesn’t get enough play.

The rest is boilerplate action crap.

See it: If you are a TERMINATOR devotee

Don't: If you've have enough of diminishing returns and lame stories from this franchise.

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