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The Pissed Take - Tenet

Release Date 03Sep2020

TENET -or- POOP... is a palindrome, too. -AKA- Visionary is applied too liberally these days.


TENET the latest by undeserved "visionary auteur" Christopher Nolan is a VERY stupid movie.

"Don't think about it, feel it" - Actual line in this cinematic donkey-punch.

I won't give away anything serious, but this movie is centered around a gimmick that gets old very quickly.

Each lifeless, humorless, deathly serious performance given, every pseudoscientific "Science advisor be damned" explanation, crack addled edit, and every time Nolan said "Maybe the music should be louder than the fucking dialogue"- ALL of this in service to an extremely expensive carnival trick.

As usual, you can see the 200+ million budget on the screen, how well that was spent is truly up for debate - and it should be debated. This film and its budget is the product of hubris and the Dunning-Kruger effect, plain and simple. It squanders any clever ideas it has, is not as smart as it wants to appear, is like a Bond film if you took out all humor and fun, and trades excitement for frenzy.

TENET is like a Fabergé egg: it's Pretty, expensive, with shiny B.S. inside.

SEE IT: If you are Nolan completist, a masochist, and bored.

DON'T: If you're simply not interested in seeing another up-their-own-arse director whack the pony for two and a half hours... AGAIN.

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