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The Pissed Take - Spider-Man: No Way Home

Release Date 17Dec2021

SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME -AKA- Peter Parker poops a perfect prestidigitation *OR* Marvel and Sony: Oh lordy lordy, what to do when the love is gone…

I really enjoyed this movie! It was, in fact, one of the best filmed adaptions of a comic book. More on that momentarily.

SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME is the 3rd film involving the titular character co-produced by MARVEL and the film rights holder SONY, with 6 total appearances in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). In my opinion, this is the best of them.


The movie begins right after FAR FROM HOME, with the dilemma at the end of that movie being the central issue in this one. What ensues in SM: NWH's breezy, near 2 1/2 runtime, is exciting, humorous, and emotional in an unschmaltzy way. Really, F#ck schmaltz!

A couple of silly plot decisions do little to dull the enjoyment to be had in this picture. Great pace, a charming young central cast, vets who are clearly having fun, a neat story that continues the multiverse arc introduced in other MCU stories, and an excellent technical presentation. Go see it in an enhanced theater (XD, IMAX, ETX, PRIME, IMAX LASER).

As I said, this is one of the best filmed versions of a comic book. I mean this in reference to the form and presentation of a comic book. Not on the nose, but the feeling is 100%. Always a good day, leaving a theater with a grin, not a grimace.

Can't say that about the film I watched after... (opens skull, grabs steel-wool)

SEE IT: Because it's good fun and sets up the next Dr. Strange movie nicely (The Marvel movie I'm excited for)

DON'T SEE IT: If you're over this Marvel shit, but are totally stoked for the porn version.

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