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The Pissed Take - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Release Date 16Dec2016

"ROGUE ONE or The greatest story that didn't need to be told"

Let me start by saying ROGUE ONE is MUCH better than the hamfisted mess THE FORCE AWAKENS.

By leaps and bounds, far more technically competent and visually engaging. It is a genuinely more exciting movie experience.

It also ISN'T a Star Wars movie.

It is a gritty war film ala "The Dirty Dozen" trapped in the mound of Star Wars dumped on it. Much of it works, as I said "visually engaging", exciting even.

The two blocks of wood in wardrobe as the Leads, fail to be either relatable or emotionally engaging.

The only characters worth watching are sarcastic C3P0 (Alan Tudyk/ K-2S0), Chinese Zatoichi (Donnie Yen/ Chirrut Imwe) and asian Haylar Garcia (Jian Wen/ Baze Malbus). A shame these secondary characters are... secondary. Everyone else just does stuff and things.

Some of the character FX are... not good. Like young Flynn in Tron Legacy "not good". That's all I'll say about that.

The need to name drop or back reference in these new films is not only unsubtle, it's sloppy and a distraction that needs to stop..

The biggest issue is the need to emphasis minutiae that was meant to stay minutiae. There are no surprises in this film and all you needed to know was in the opening crawl and a few lines in a little film released in 1977.

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