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The Pissed Take - Ready Player One

Release Date 29Mar2018

READY PLAYER ONE or Charlie and the pop culture MMO factory.

READY PLAYER ONE is the newest Spielberg film that itself is adapted from Ernest Cline's debut 2011 book of the same name.

In dystopian 2045 nearly everyone will be hooked into the OASIS, a worldwide virtual reality simulation inspired by its creator's love of all things 80's (and 90's as much of this film's core audience is too young to get some of the references- damn cretins). This now deceased video game creator has set a task: find three clues to three keys, unlock a door and win complete control of the Oasis. This is big news and a way out for lead protag Wade Watts, gamer tag Parzival, a resident of a slum of stacked shipping containers called... The Stacks in Columbus, OH.

This movie is no great treatise on the human condition. What it is and IMO excels wonderfully at is thrillride escapism from the master himself. Modern popcorn film increasingly deters me from stepping into a theater, largely because of the lack of understanding of how to speak to an audience and enough money to ignore them anyway.

Not so with this one. Despite some awkward leaps and a few brief moments of Spielberg's weakness for schmaltz, this film was fun AF! A nice return to form for the fella who invented the form.

If you're the type to think of these films as fodder for mindless insipients to drool over whilst refering endlessly to the auteur cinema you like to name drop to look cool without actually understanding it, might I suggest a tincture of aloe vera and prune juice to unfuck your head from your ass... ya rotten tart.

A fun ride for all!

P.S. If you are able to see this movie in a Dolby ATMOS and Dolby vision enabled theater- DO SO!

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