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The Pissed Take - No Time to Die

Release Date 08Oct2021

NO TIME TO DIE -AKA- Took too long to die *OR* A perfectly fine but uneven and LONG coda to the 00Craig movies.


I am a lifelong 007 fan, and have watched every entry multiple times. As such, I entered the theater with a decent measure of anticipation.

NO TIME TO DIE is the 25th movie in the long running 007 series, and the fifth (final) movie starring DANIEL CRAIG as MI6 agent James Bond.

The picture has a nice start, with a sweet Aston Martin DB5 scene and the beginning of many subtle musical cues and visual callbacks to other Bond films throughout the 59 year run of the series (One in particular is spoilery for fans of the series). The pre-credit is followed by a subdued and somber title theme by Billie Eilish.

The film has the usual exotic locales, well staged stunts (including a not-too-bad Toyota and Range Rover commercial) and cool gadgets. Daniel Craig does an excellent job in his final go as Bond, though he looks tired, and I don't blame him for hanging it up. All the mouth breathing foofaraw about LASHANA LYNCH taking over as 007 is all for naught, as she is easily one of the best parts of the film, and a nice fit in this series. Ana de Armas is fun, but wasted in this movie in what amounts to an extended cameo.

The rest of the cast is fine.

The story is fine and certainly classic Bond material, but I kept getting the sense that RAMI MALEK's noh mask wearing baddie LYUTSIFER SAFIN was a glorified henchman with a proper villain's plan, power, and PAD (Seriously, the last Craig movie, and they *finally* decide to give the villain a proper lair). I never bought the romance between Bond and Swann, it just didn't sell, but it is a big part of this movie. Finally, Christoph Waltz as Bloefeld in a cage just reminds you of what a disappointment and failure SPECTRE was.

No spoilers but despite all the good stuff, this film is lousy with telegraphing it's beats and there are several obvious missed opportunities.

This movie was LONG, but worth holding it in for.

SEE IT: If you're a bond fan and a committed completist OR want to see an action/adventure film made by some of the best crew in the industry.

DON'T SEE IT: If you'd rather wait for the next "regeneration" of an iconic character or are too busy straightening your toenail collection.

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