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The Pissed Take - Free Guy

Release Date 13Aug2021

FREE GUY -OR- Grand Theft Ryan Reynolds *AKA* Tron & Ready Player One done had a baby, y'all.

FREE GUY, the first film from 20th Century Fox after the Disney acquisition, is a solid Ryan Reynolds flick with his patented humor firmly entrenched.

The movie's concept is straight forward and gets to the point from the very beginning. GUY is an NPC (Non-playable Character) in the wildly popular MMORG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) FREE CITY running his daily cycle. Things escalate from there with hilarious results blaa blaa blaa.

The reason to watch this movie, which doesn't always make full use of its concept and presents a plethora of missed opportunities, is the reliability charismatic talents of RYAN REYNOLDS and TAIKA WAITITI, who own the show here.

Fun, funny, and certainly less emotionally empty than Ready Player One, the movie is only really let down by the aforementioned missed story potential and some late-movie schmaltz. I hate schmaltz like I hate MF cauliflower... and folk punk.

ALSO, We friggin get it DISNEY, you own all the things. Quit wanking it or I'll call the fuzz!

SEE IT: For an easy, often funny piece of cotton candy.

DON'T: Well, if you just don't. Not here to tell your silly ass what do... MF.

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