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The Pissed Take - Coming2America

Release Date 05Mar2021

COMING2AMERICA -aka- Leaving4Good *OR* UhaveBetterThings2Do.

A late night watch that would not have been made any better any other time of the day. "Coming to America" was a mediocre Eddie Murphy effort even back in the day, this limp cash-in only illuminates this fact.

There are some chuckles, but they are as lasting as a soda belch. The entire movie is one long call-back through cracked rose tinted lenses. You would certainly find finer diversion wacking yourself repeatedly in the taint with a falchion... in fact do THAT instead of watching this misfire.

For an Eddie Murphy vehicle, Wesley Snipes seems to be getting better mileage and more fun out of his General Izzi role than EMs Prince/King.

I expected better from the "My name is Dolemite" team, itself a far worthier effort.

WATCH: If you favor disappointment over disfigurement via Falchion. (Which would be far more diverting and satisfying)

DON'T: If you have better things to do.

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