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The Pissed Take - Candyman (2021)

Release Date 27Aug2021

CANDYMAN (2021) -AKA- The Candyman can't *OR* Remember the disappointment you had when you got one of those wax coke bottle candies or the orange and black abominations in your Halloween bag? This is just like that.

CANDYMAN is a direct sequel to the original film from 1992, itself an adaption of CLIVE BARKER's 1985 short story "The Forbidden".

In all versions the titular character is a murderous ghost summoned through an act of Catoptromancy (divination via mirror) by looking into said object and saying his name a number of times. Murder usually follows.

I liked the 1992 film quite a bit. It was a nice departure from the usual slasher fare of the day, presenting a gothic horror approach that was refreshing with it's own creepiness and had a compelling lore.

None of that is here in a film that, while good looking, isn't scary or particularly compelling story-wise. The thing is, I see exactly what it is that is *supposed* to be happening here - I get the message and the thrust. It's just that the whole thing is handled clumsily and with all of the nuance of an octopus attempting pointillism with a rocket-powered jackhammer.

There is almost no subtlety, the lore as presented is an absolute mess, and the nice performances by the cast are ruined by a serious lack of character or story development. A real shame.

This movie has clear potential, that is a fact,. A shame it didn't come together.

SEE IT: If you are curious about this follow-up to a superior film and sat through FAREWELL TO THE FLESH and DAY OF THE DEAD.

DON'T: If you don't want to be let down by another weak sequel.

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