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The Pissed Take - Bill & Ted Face the Music

Release Date 28Aug2020

BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC -or- Bill and Ted save the universe- NOT! -AKA- ...STATION?

After a little over 25 years, we get the 3rd and final B&T movie that people stopped asking for years ago.

I have to admit a soft spot for the previous two, even if only for a mid-afternoon diversion or back ground noise. Not good movies, not bad either, but with a silly sweetness that was almost endearing. There is some of that in this one, though it doesn't always work as well from the two lead actors who have been too long away from these characters.

The song to unite the world hasn't been written and space/time is falling apart because of it. Through the rest of the relatively short runtime the expected shenanigans occur, aided by the daughters of the protagonists.

I won't get into particulars- watch if interested. It is at the very least a silly and sweet story that was a nice diversion from all this grim-dark B.S. these days.

WATCH!: If you are a completist and want a silly occasionally fun diversion.

DON'T!: If you're not into silly things and probably have the C-SPAN app on your phone.

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