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Quiet on Set - Behind the Scenes in Pictures

I've been helping out a friend with some projects this summer and gotten a few shots of set life that I'm fond of. Here are a few, in no particular order.

An actress has her makeup applied by a professional makeup artist
HMU on-set for a short film project

An actress in a wedding dress stands in a punk venue
Pink Highlights

A quiet moment on-set - everyone is one their phone
Like a modern renaissance painting

An actress get her hair styled by a professional
Another HMU shot

A film set at a punk venue
Outside in between takes

The above shots were all taken at Seventh Circle Music Collective, a Denver punk venue.

Hours are long at the 48 hour film project - here two team members have a chat about food

A clapper and some props
Film Implements

An actor is illuminated by set lights
In the Lights

An actor at the top of a stairwell, in between takes
In Between Takes

These are all from our 48 Hour Film Project shoot. Go Team DeathPunch! This was my first 48 Hour and the time crunch really throws a wrench into things in an interesting way. It was a good experience. Talk to everyone next month!

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