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Our Projects

At Makeshift, we are big fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We write and consume stories about the fantastic and the strange, the weird and wild, and the imaginings of far flung lands and curious possibilities.

We have several screenplays completed and in development, a few of which we'll talk about here. Anyone with an interest and ability to help get these projects made should contact us through the website.

Thunder Lord - When the planet of the Imperial Vanguard, The Thunder Lords, is destroyed by a rogue terrorist faction, the lone survivor must come to terms with circumstances in order to seek revenge and restore peace to the galaxy.

Thunder Lord: Stormfall - A prequel to the feature film, Stormfall introduces the Thunder Lord Dick Cockney and his counterpart Brunhildax as they seek to keep a poweful ancient technology from the hands of the Dread Horde.

Miskatonic U - In this Lovecraft-inspired episodic television series, the staff of Miskatonic U ostensibly perform standard university duties, but behind the scenes, their true purpose lies in their struggle to prevent an ancient evil from awakening.

Deaderland - What if the town of Nederland truly was as weird as it thought and supernatural forces of good and evil underpined the petty realities of daily life?

Nero - Trained from adolescence to be the most efficient killing machine ever, MARKOSTA NERO slowly begins to realize her own sense of self amid signs that her life thus far has only been a prelude to an even darker purpose.

This is just a handful of the projects that we have in development. Keep an eye on this website and on our social media for more information!

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