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The Pissed Take - Deadpool 2

Release Date 18May2018

DEADPOOL 2 or I wore my white underwear

Deadpool 2 hits the spot better than the first, thanks to the great ensemble cast (J. Brolin doing his best Eastwood), Some great sight gags, jokes, and a decent story.

Loved the title sequence!

This isn't high drama filled with teachable moments, this is balls out fun! Some of the gags fall flat but nothing that ruins the movie. I would suggest not spending the extra cash unless you REALLY want that reclining seat, 3d and bone crushing ATMOS sound.

Have a problem with the brown version of Domino? Piss right off, she was fantastic and the representation of her powers was right on.

The post credit scene is totally worth waiting for.

Worth the Theatre ticket.

-Mr. Pissed

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